ecoATM Gazelle is two brands, one company, and millions of devices given a second life.

We’re a known leader in reducing electronic waste and finding value in gently used electronics. We offer a simpler and safer way to trade, buy and sell devices, all while taking the initiative to create a greener planet. To top it off, we also have a pretty awesome work environment to accomplish all of this while helping each other to grow exponentially.

Our team at ecoATM Gazelle is more than just a group of peers. We're a close-knit unit of creative minds and game-changers who aren't afraid to rewrite the rules of modern conservation. It's all about providing the ultimate customer experience to buy and sell electronic devices, all while helping to create a healthier planet for future generations. We strive daily to be reigning world-champ of e-recycling and device lifecycle management, and the proof is in our staggering growth, stellar customer satisfaction, and providing a work culture unlike any other.

Together, we’re here to change how the world thinks about pre-owned consumer technology and make a lasting, positive impact on the world we live in.


Monday–Saturday: 10am–9pm
Sunday: 11am–6pm