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Get inspired by Jefferson Elementary Fourth Grade student's artwork, influenced by the life and artwork of Frida Kahlo. Students learned that Frida created 143 portraits (55 of which are self-portraits). Students also learned about the adversity that Frida overcame such as being hit by a bus and surviving Polio. Students practiced sketching to create their portrait of Frida. Students followed step by step instructions as they learned how to draw facial features using symmetry. Students demonstrated their individual creativity when they designed Frida’s eccentric jewelry and clothing. They learned about the elements of line, color, value, texture, and space in this project. They learned about the principles of balance and pattern in this project as well. Students were also introduced to Impressionism as they used the technique of pointillism for the first time. Students used a combination of Sharpies, Crayola markers, and watercolor paints to complete this project.

The artwork is located on the upper level in the Management Corridor. 

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Fifth Grade students studied Mexican Tile Prints. Students learned that handcrafted ceramic tiles are rooted in the historic culture of Mexico. Mexican Tiles are functional and beautiful. Mexican Tiles embellish countless public and private spaces including: churches, benches, stairs, kitchens, floors, fountains, etc. Students used line, shape, and color to create radial designs (patterns that start in the middle and grow outward). Students had to demonstrate symmetry/balance throughout their design. Students learned how to layer Crayola markers onto Styrofoam. Students had to use the correct amount of water and pressure to transfer their image onto paper. Students demonstrated their expertise of this process by completing four prints. Students demonstrated the principle of contrast by choosing a background paper that was a complimentary color to the dominant color in their tile.

The artwork is located on the upper level in the Management Corridor.

Jefferson Elementary School Art Display

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